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Tygerberg Caravans & Motorhomes - Adverts
Tygerberg Caravans & Motorhomes - Adverts


Caravan parks we recommend
By Pieter Crous

Montagu Caravan Park

Montagu Caravan ParkMontagu Caravan ParkMontagu Caravan ParkMontagu Caravan Park

This park is one of the nicest, cleanest Parks I have visited recently. Beautifully laid out with plush trees and green, green grassy stands. We could even watch the rugby on a big screen in one of two indoor entertainment areas and the kids could explore the dam on rented paddle boats. What impressed us also were the very modern, clean and practical ablutions. There are family bathrooms with a toilet, shower and basin all in one compartment as well as stand-alone showers and toilets and the ablutions are unisex. Don't ever go past Montagu and not visit this park, it comes highly recommended!

Kam'Bati River Resort

Kam'Bati River ResortKam'Bati River ResortKam'Bati River ResortKam'Bati River Resort

Beautiful park right on the riverside. This was definately one of the highlites of our trip. Jaco really went out of his way to make us feel welcome and according to CCSA members that spent easter weekend in Kambati, kept young and old entertained throughout the entire weekend. A bar with a light take-away menu, pool table, table tennis, fishing, etc, etc. Fire wood and ice also available on site. The ablution facilities were always spotless as were all the other facilities. It is about 5km of gravel road to get to Kambati, but the road surface is not bad and we will definately be back!



Wow!!! Marina, you are spot-on. This park is beautifully maintained and you can clearly see that a lot of thought went into designing this piece of paradise.  The ablution block is very practical and could compete with some of the best hotels. The wife (Vrou) and the kids (Tanya & Christian) loved our stay here, as did I. Fishing, taking a kayak for a spin, relaxing by the pool, trying out the trampoline... Rules are strictly enforced too, and I think that is great! Fire wood and ice also sold on site. This must be one of the cleanest and most practical caravan parks that I have visited in a long time!



Initially we had mixed feelings about the prospect of spending Easter weekend at Vloedbos... but what a surprize when we got there. Wessel and Lani did a fantastic job of creating a little piece of heaven in the middle of nowhere! A dam, a 4 x 4 scenic route, walking trails, hot and cold swimming pools, recreation hall... just to mention a few. There is also a little shop for the kids to buy sweets and drinks and for dad to buy ice and fire wood. The ablution block is stunning and were always clean as were the rest of the park. There are not many rules, but Wessel enforces them with an iron hand! This is a must for anyone who loves the quiet tranquility of country living at it's best. Just a word of caution: If you tow with a front wheel drive car you may battle a bit with the steep uphill gravel road when exiting the park, but my 2.0 L Peugeot 407 made it easily towing a Blue Series Gypsey Regal, so I will definately be back!

Theewaterskloof Sport Club

Theewaterskloof Sport ClubTheewaterskloof Sport ClubTheewaterskloof Sport Club

There was also one unscheduled surprise that I want to tell you about. (Check out the pictures above) Theewaterskloof Dam, just outside Villiersdorp. There are only 7 sites available with electricity, so you need to book... or get there early, but if your caravan have 12 volt lights and a gas fridge... This place is wonderfull! Not only is the enormous dam beautifull to look at, but you can take your sail boat, jet ski, motor boat, fishing rods... and they have a restaurant that serves the nicest food at very reasonable prices. (I must admin that we were camping as guests in the members section, so I am not sure if weekend campers are also allowed in the reataurant/bar.) At this stage I am not sure if they have a website, but I will be placing their contact details on this site pretty soon.
Contact Lise on 028-8401334 or

Algeria Campsite in Cederberg Wilderness Area
By Tracey Barber (05 May 2010)

Algeria CampsiteAlgeria CampsiteAlgeria CampsiteAlgeria Campsite

The campsite setting and view are fantastic! You are in the middle of Cederberg Wilderness Reserve so highly recommended if hiking, photography and lack of cell phone reception is your cup of tea. There are a number of 3-4 hour hikes which actually begin at the camp so remember to take your cozzie/backpack and good walking shoes – a fellow hiker encountered a Cobra on their last outing!  The ablutions and wash-up facilities are very plain but constantly being cleaned – yes, the shower curtain industry is still booming… NOW… the road there on the other hand… not for the faint-hearted or sports-car freak. Your entry from N7 is about 18kms of gravel…  can be done with a ‘regular’ caravan but at about 20km/hour so the it’ll take you an hour to ‘travel the gravel’. We were one of only 2 caravans there.. everybody else had Xplorer off-road caravans, trailers and tents. (In my expert opinion, the perfect travel companion would be the Xplorer BUT the comfort of the caravan is so worth the extra towing time). And you will probably lose a cupboard hinge or similar cos the regular vans aren’t made to travel roads like that... I’ll definitely be going back there and recommend it to those who love nature and whose kids still know how to use a fishing rod and pack of cards and can part with their tv and playstation for the weekend. VERY IMPORTANT: make sure you fill up with fuel on the N7 before you go in --- we almost ran out of petrol but I’m not telling that story now and anyway, what’s a weekend without a bit of drama?!?!  Electricity, wood, ice available on-site.